Short term Warehousing

We offer short-term warehousing service that is usually no longer than 3 months. This option allows companies in the eCommerce industries to meet spikes in product demand.

long-term warehousing

Long term warehousing

As you may have already guessed, long-term storage is anything longer than three months. Our team stores your products in a way that protects them from possible damage that can occur from months or years of being stored.

pick and pack


As a bonus to the warehousing, we offer the following services. Pick and pack, call center service, order fulfillment, branding and cash-on delivery service, and medical courier

Order fulfillment
Express courier
Lastmile delivery
Pick and packing
Customer service

Why choose our warehousing service?

It’s clear that customers expect lightning-fast shipping speeds. Naturally, an important component of this process is the proximity of the fulfillment warehouse to the customer. It makes a ton of sense the closer the order fulfillment center is to the end customer, the shorter the distance your products have to travel to get there. This means shorter shipping timelines (and lower shipping costs). We have warehouses in more than 30 cities in Kenya which are strategically located near the customers.


Warehousing is an important piece of your eCommerce supply chain. While it’s not the sexiest of subjects, warehousing and inventory storage affect everything. From sourcing raw materials and, efficiently managing inventory, to getting orders delivered to customers on time. With new technologies, urbanization, and the ever-growing world of online shopping, warehousing has never been a sexier topic.

As a result, we guarantee that our warehouses safely and securely store and protect your products in an organized way. This makes it easy to track an item’s location, when the items arrived, how long the item has been there, and the quantity on hand. Additionally, we offer short-term warehousing for constant moving goods.

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Benefits of Our Services

  • Customizable solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Secure and climate-controlled facilities
  • Experienced team to manage your inventory
  • Reduced storage costs and improved efficiency
  • Fast and reliable order fulfillment

Why Choose Codirect Courier

  • Proven track record of providing high-quality warehousing services
  • Competitive pricing with no hidden fees
  • Use of advanced technology for seamless operations
  • Dedicated customer support
  • State-of-the-art facilities

Inventory storage

We provide a cost-effective inventory storage system to help you manage your inventory to meet customer expectations, while allowing room for your business to grow.

  • Inventory storage
  • order processing

    Order processing

    Our order and inventory management software allows you to clearly see seasonal trends in inventory levels so that you know whether to prepare for a decline or an increase in sales.

  • Order processing
  • last mile delivery

    Shipping & Returns processing

    We offers more control over your returns management process. You have the option to restock, quarantine, or dispose of returned products at the SKU level. This means all you have to do is choose how you want each individual product to be processed and our team will handle the rest.

  • Shipping & Returns processing
    • How it works!


      Receiving is the first warehouse process and one of the most crucial. To perform the receiving process properly, our warehouse team verifies it has received the right product, in the right quantity, and in the right condition. We also send you a scanned document of a signed document of the goods received.

      Put Away

      Secondly, Put-away is the next warehousing process and is the movement of goods from the receiving dock to the most optimal warehouse storage location. Our state-of-the-art system automatically assigns optimal spaces for each cargo to allow for a streamlined putaway process and maximized space utilization.


      Thirdly, storage is the warehouse process in which goods are placed into their most appropriate storage space. Our software automatically calculates our warehouse storage utilization and tracks the right storage KPIs which allows us to determine how efficient each aspect of our storage process is. We do it properly, which maximizes the available space in our warehouse and increases labor efficiency.


      Picking is the warehouse process that collects products in a warehouse to fulfill customer orders. We streamline this process to achieve higher accuracy, as errors can have a direct impact on your customer satisfaction.


      Packing is the warehouse process that consolidates picked items in a sales order and prepares them for shipment to the customer. We ensure that damages are minimized from the time items leave the warehouse. Additionally, we ensure that packaging is light enough so as not to increase the weight of the goods and minimal enough to control packaging costs. Finally, we provide Branding options to our clients which can help you build a brand and create a buzz for your business.


      Finally, Shipping is the final warehouse process and the start of the journey of goods from the warehouse to the customer. We ensure that your orders are dispatched in the warehouse nearest to the customer which guarantees lightning-fast shipping speeds which means shorter shipping timelines (and lower shipping costs).

      Why us?

      Strategically located in over 30 counties in kenya

      Codirect Courier offers top-notch warehousing solutions in Kenya to businesses of all sizes. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the safe and efficient storage of your goods. With our experienced team, you can trust us to handle all your warehousing needs with ease.

      Our warehousing processes also allow for timely delivery and optimized distribution, leading to increased labour productivity and greater customer satisfaction. It also helps reduce errors and damage in the order fulfillment process. Plus, it prevents your goods from getting lost or stolen during handling.


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      If you are in need of a reliable and efficient warehousing service in Kenya, look no further than Codirect Courier. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help grow your business.