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Delivery speed

Fast delivery is an integral part of last mile delivery service, It is also essential to keep customers in the loop about when the order will get delivered.

flexible last mile delivery

Flexible delivery options

We offer delivery choices depending on delivery method, location, and time to retain customers.

Customer service representatives

We ensure that you have a team of professional customer service representatives who can efficiently handle any issues that arise with your customers.

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Why choose our Last mile delivery service

As customer expectations for delivery continue to rise, you need to take a hard look at how you can meet (or exceed) those expectations to stay competitive. Orders must be delivered to satisfaction every single time regardless of location or time of year.

Without the right last mile delivery partner, you will struggle to deliver same day or faster consistently. And the risks of disappointing your customers are high. 84 percent of customers won’t return after a single bad delivery experience, making it table stakes to deliver on time, every time.

By partnering with us, you ensure your last mile delivery are on time, reliable, and appropriately reflect your brand, even during the busiest holiday seasons.

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Smart Tracking

Our logistics system make our last mile delivery process more transparent by offering real-time status updates of the shipment to the customers. Further, the customers can easily contact the delivery service agents through chats or calls in case of issues,

  • Smart Tracking
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    Customer Feedback

    Our last mile delivery and logistics solution offers customer-centric services. End-users can give feedback and reviews about the delivery experience they’ve had to give us a greater scope of improvement for the business.

  • Customer Feedback
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    Data Analytics

    To ensure efficient in the last mile delivery, we offer automatic data management and analytics. This include delivery status, agents performance, the ratio of successful to failed deliveries, and more.

  • Data Analytics
    • How it works!

      Dynamic Routing to Reduce Delivery Time

      More than 80% of customers today are willing to pay more for faster delivery, and keeping up with this expectation itself is the biggest challenge with last mile deliveries. Our dynamic routing enables our logistics managers to track their executives and fleet in real-time for faster delivery.

      Auto Dispatching

      Our routing software not only does efficient resource allocation, but keeps the final mile costs well in control. The dispatch automation feature eases the entire process, helping to reduce the mounting costs that drive up last mile delivery costs.

      Control of Delivery Operations

      Our Logistics managers are able to track ground-level activities in real-time and quickly address inconsistencies as and when needed for better customer experience.

      Proof of Delivery (PoD)

      Proof of delivery adds greater transparency to our entire system of last mile services. We provide a brief document with signature from the recipient, date and time stamp to confirm that the item has been delivered.

      Accurately Benchmark KPIs

      Our modern logistics platform helps you accurately benchmark KPIs and insights to improve your online shop. It provides you with a single dashboard to view critical delivery benchmarks like performance of products in an area, delayed deliveries, customer ratings and more

      Customer Experience

      Focusing on customer experience is the key to success. We keep our system as transparent as possible to your customers. We empower them to be into real-time feedback loop and make them talk to the driver, if need be.

      Why us?

      We can offer our developers to assist you in setting up your online shop.
      • Scalability: We can stay at or ahead of your company’s growth.
      • Service Levels: We commit to meeting your expectations for delivery speed and accuracy
      • Professionalism: Our drivers are trained professionals that will represent your brand appropriately.
      • Accountability. We ensure your customer satisfaction by monitor and tracking customer reviews and solving any queries
      • Technology: We provide your customers with real-time tracking and notifications,. We also provide you with predictable pricing, analytics, and other technical capabilities.
      • Partnership: We provide you with an expert at the our company who knows your business and solve issues as they come in.

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